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Off The Track Food & Bev



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Choose from:

  • Chefs Selection
  • Chunky chocolate chip
  • Apricot & white chocolate
  • Almond shortbread
  • Jam tarts

Our cookies are perfect for those moments when you need a sweet treat, and they come with a minimum order quantity of 12 to ensure there's plenty to share.

For those who love surprises, our Chef's Selection offers an assortment of unique and delicious flavours. Just let us know of any allergy or dietary requirements when placing your order. If you're a classic cookie fan, our Chunky Chocolate Chip cookies are a delightful choice. For something fruity and sweet, consider our Apricot & White Chocolate cookies. Nut lovers will appreciate the subtle, nutty texture of our Almond Shortbread. If you're in the mood for something a little different, our Jam Tarts offer a burst of fruity goodness encased in a buttery shell. Each cookie is freshly baked, delivering a perfect balance of flavour and texture that will make it hard to stop at just one.

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